3 songs by Liberté-Anne Lymberiou

Mentorship Program

Works resulting from the Chung-Wai Chow and John Wright
Art Song Mentorship Program for Composers

3 songs on the poems of Emné Nasereddine
by Liberté-Anne Lymberiou

  1. L’Homme machine danse
  2. Voilà le lieu
  3. Mes flancs sont larges

Over the course of the 2023, Liberté-Anne Lymberiou worked with mentor Dinuk Wijeratne on this project that sets the poetry of award-winning author and poet Emné Nasereddine, who writes “candidly and profoundly on the migrant condition, the place of women in Western and Middle-Eastern cultures, family bonds and relations.”

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Composer’s website: liberteanne.com