The Canadian Art Song Project is proud to announce the release of FOUND FROZEN: SONGS OF JEFFERY RYAN. The new recording features premiere commercial recordings of composer Jeffery Ryan’s Of Passion’s Tide (1991), Found Frozen (1997), and Miss Carr in Seven Scenes (2017), commissioned by CASP. FOUND FROZEN will be released on the Centrediscs label.

You can find links to purchase, or stream the recording here.

About the Recording

Composer Jeffery Ryan

Canadian Art Song Project brings together four of Canada’s outstanding interpreters of art song for selections that span over two decades of music for solo voice and piano by composer Jeffrey Ryan. These premiere recordings celebrate vivid story-telling in words and music, through themes of maturation, perseverance and love.

Pianist Steven Philcox, baritone Dion Mazerolle, soprano Danika Lorèn and mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabó offer powerful and intimate readings of the cycles Of Passion’s Tide (1991), Found Frozen (1997), and Miss Carr in Seven Scenes (2017), ending with the beautiful stand-alone piece So Crumble Into Sand (2014). Presented in one recording, these works move from some of the composer’s earliest and most often performed works, to a composition, commissioned for the specific talents of Szabó and Philcox and written at a time when Ryan is recognized as one of the most skilled Canadian composers for the voice.

Found Frozen is the sixth commercial release Canadian Art Song Project has produced in their series of recordings highlighting the wealth of song by Canadian composers.

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Steven Philcox, piano
Dion Mazerolle, baritone/baryton
Danika Lorèn, soprano
Krisztina Szabó, mezzo-soprano

Recording Engineer: Dennis Patterson

Producer: Lawrence Wiliford


FOUND FROZEN (poems by Helen Hunt Jackson)

  1. Found Frozen 3:13
  2. Poppies on the Wheat 3:37
  3. Her Eyes 7:32

MISS CAR IN SEVEN SCENES (words by Emily Carr, adapted by Jeffrey Ryan)

  1. Oh. These Mountains! 4:02
  2. A Glimpse of God 4:13
  3. Rhythm and Space 3:53
  4. Letters (Reams of Horrid Letters) 1:09
  5. Letters (Mr. Hatch Wrote) 1:15
  6. Letters (Compliments, Hanna Lund) 3:08
  7. A Movement Floating Up 1:34
  8. l’m Just Whizzy! 2:20
  9. Uncovered 4:30

OF PASSION’S TIDE (poems by C. P. Cavafy, translated by Rae Dalven)

  1. Desires 3:01
  2. The Next Table 3:03
  3. At the Theater 2:43
  4. Picture of a 23-year-old youth… 2.05
  5. Before Time Changes Them 3:47
  6. Return 3:29

SO CRUMBLE INTO SAND (poem by Mustafa Ahmed)

  1. So Crumble Into Sand 2:24

Total time / Durée totale: 63:58

CASP gratefully acknowledges the support of this project from: