2015 was a big year for us,
but 2016 is going to be

In 2015 Canadian Art Song Project premiered three new works: Marjan Mozetich’s Enchantments of Gwendolyn, Peter Tiefenbach’s The Long Walk Home¬†and Erik Ross’s The Living Spectacle. In addition we launched our new recital series with an innovative approach to our 2012 commissioned work by composer Brian Harman and writer David James Brock, Sewing the Earthworm, in a tour de force performance by Carla Huhtanen, Steven Philcox and dancer Jennifer Nichols.

With the release of our 2nd full-length recording, Cloud Light: Songs of Norbert Palej and the continuation of our recital series featuring baritone Phillip Addis and pianist Emily Hamper in a concert of powerful and intimate song repertoire, 2016 is off to an incredible start!

There is a lot to see and hear from CASP, and we urge you to take advantage of our past and coming work: